july 9

july 9 defined in 1911 year

july 9 - July 9;
july 9 - King George and Queen Mary attend service in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, and visit Maynooth College. - French Ambassador has an interview with German Foreign Secretary in Berlin concerning Agadir incident.

july 9 defined in 1912 year

july 9 - July 9;
july 9 - Members of both Houses of British Parliament inspect the Fleet at Spithead. - Explosion at the Cadeby coal mine near Sheffield causes loss of 80 lives including three Govt. inspectors of mines. King George and Queen Mary visit the pit after the accident. - Portuguese Govt. call out reserves; Royalist troops under Capt. Couceiro retire into Spanish territory. - Second Lt. Soares, a naval officer, shot in the street at Lisbon. - French Chamber of Deputies accept the principle of Govt. Electoral Reform Bill, involving proportional representation. - M. Badel, French airman, killed at Chalons. - Schatz, a German factory official, sentenced to 9 months' imprisonment at Saargemunden for lese-majeste. - Havre dockers on strike resume work. - Hsiung Hsi-ling, Chinese minister of finance, presents note to the bankers of the Six Powers. - Mackenzie Ministry, New Zealand, resign; Mr. Massey summoned. - Djavid Pasha appointed acting commandant of the Monastir Army Corps, Albania. - Charles D. Hilles, Secretary of Pres. Taft, chosen chairman of Republican National Committee and manager of Taft campaign for U.S. Presidency.

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