july 10

july 10 defined in 1911 year

july 10 - July 10;
july 10 - Russia informs Germany of her support for France on Morocco question. - Russian battleship "Poltaver" launched on the Neva. - Mr. Balfour speaks at dinner to celebrate Mr. Chamberlain's 75th birthday in London. - Forest fires in Northern Ontario; 400 lives lost.

july 10 defined in 1912 year

july 10 - July 10;
july 10 - Sir Edward Grey speaks in British House of Commons on the Anglo-Russian Agreement and Foreign Affairs, and is followed by Mr. Bonar Law. - Mr. Borden speaks at Royal Colonial Institute, London, on Canada's position in world politics. - Rioting in London by dockers on strike; 10 injured. - Mr. Asquith receives deputation from Belfast Chamber of Commerce on Home Rule. - Cambridge cricket eleven beats Oxford at Lords by 3 wickets. - A. N. S. Jack son, British athlete, wins the 1,500 metres race at the Olympic games, Stockholm, in 3 mins. 56 4/5 sec., a world's record. - Another Egyptian arrested in Cairo for conspiracy against the Khedive and Lord Kitchener. - Massey Ministry formed in New Zealand. - German punitive expedition sent to Kaiser Wilhelm's Land, New Guinea, in consequence of murder of Herr Petersen, the ornithologist. - French Chamber of Deputies pass Electoral Reform Bill by 339 to 217; violent demonstration by Opposition. - U.S. War Department sends rifles and ammunition to protect Americans at Hermosillo, Mexico.

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