july 11

july 11 defined in 1911 year

july 11 - July 11;
july 11 - King George reviews 16,000 troops in Phoenix Park, Dublin. - French Chamber decides by 476 votes to 77 to postpone discussion of French policy on Morocco question. - Zeki Bey, Turkish official and journalist, shot dead in Constantinople. - Major J. R. Chancellor appointed Governor of Mauritius. - Railway accident at Bridgeport, Conn.; 12 killed, 44 injured. - Royal Commission on Tuberculosis issues Final Report in London.

july 11 defined in 1912 year

july 11 - July 11;
july 11 - The Port of London employers pass resolution expressing confidence in Lord Devonport as chairman and affirming their decision to agree to no conditions till the men return to work. - Further rioting at London docks. - Great Britain protests before U.S. Senate against provision in Panama Canal bill which permits American ships free use of canal (see May 23 and July 13). - U.S. House of Representatives, acting on report of Judiciary Committee, votes by 222 to 1 to impeach Judge Archbald of U.S. Commerce Court. - Sir W. Plender's Report on the remuneration of doctors in certain selected areas issued in London. - Rioting at Dunkirk in connection with French dockers' strike. - Celebration of millenary of Oxford City at Oxford. - Arrest of Governor of Valenca in connection with Royalist rising. - Greek and Armenian patriarchs and Bulgarian Exarch combine to protest against enrollment of Christian subjects up to the age of 45 in Turkish army. - P. & O. liner "Persia" runs aground near Marseilles.

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