july 15

july 15 defined in 1911 year

july 15 - July 15;
july 15 - King George and Queen Mary visit Aberystwith and lay foundation stone of National Library of Wales. - Lord Kitchener appointed British Agent and Consul- General in Egypt. - Turkish column under Edhem Pasha ambushed by Albanians near Ipek; 200 killed and wounded. - New treaty of commerce and customs agreement between Germany and Japan ratified at Tokyo. - Cork (East and North-East) by-elections result in return of Mr. J. Muldoon and Mr. T. M. Healy (Nationalists) unopposed.

july 15 defined in 1912 year

july 15 - July 15;
july 15 - National Health Insurance Act comes into operation in the United Kingdom. - U.S. Senate begin formal consideration of Panama Canal Bill. - "Hindle Wakes," play by Stanley Houghton, produced at Playhouse Theatre, London. - Meeting between Lord Devonport and representatives of London Transport Workers. - Lord Curzon opens debate in House of Lords on the Trans-Persian Railway; replies by Lord Morley and Lord Crewe. - Prince Henry of Prussia speaks at Frankfurt-am-Main on German Unity at the golden jubilee of the League of German Marksmen. - Turkish Chamber pass vote of confidence in the Govt. by 194 votes to 4. - M. Oliveres, French airman, killed at Bourg-en-Bresse. - Mr. Asquith receives deputation of miners in regard to Minimum Wage Act. - It is announced that William F. McCombs will direct campaign of Woodrow Wilson for U.S. presidency. - U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission promulgates order relating to express rates, practices, accounts and revenues (see Oct. 9).

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