july 17

july 17 defined in 1911 year

july 17 - July 17;
july 17 - King George and Queen Mary arrive in Edinburgh and stay at Holy rood. - It is announced that Germany demands concession of territory in French Congo as compensation for forgoing her rights in Morocco. - Railway accident at Mulheim, Baden; 12 killed, 10 injured. - Development Commission issue first annual report in Lon don. - Northumberland miners vote in favour of strike to end three-shift system. - Sir Robert Chalmers, K.C.B., appointed Permanent Secretary of the Treasury. - Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between U. S. and Japan becomes effective (see February 21 and April 5.) - House publicity bill, passed by U. S. Senate with amendments (see April 14 and Aug. 19). - U. S. Government brings suit against Philadelphia & Reading Railway to force it to give up control of coal companies.

july 17 defined in 1912 year

july 17 - July 17;
july 17 - The Turkish Ministry of Said Pasha resigns owing to dissensions in the Cabinet. - Negotiations for settlement of London dock strike end in failure. - Australia beats S. Africa at Cricket at Lord's, by 10 wickets. - Fighting in Northern Persia between Shahsevens and Russian troops. - U.S. House of Representatives pass Bill for creating Dept. of Labor.

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