may 8

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may 8 - May 8
may 8 - British and Chinese Govts. sign agreement in Peking to decrease Chinese production of opium and its import from India in equal proportions for seven years. - Chinese Grand Council abolished and Cabinet of ten created by edict, with Prince Ching as Premier. - Congregational Union's Annual Assembly opens in London. - Internat. Cotton Congress opens in Barcelona. - Lord Lansdowne's Reconstitution of House of Lords Bill introduced. - Germany warns France of possible serious consequences of an occupation of Fez. - After debate of two weeks, Farmers' Free List bill, without amendment, passed by U. S. House of Representatives, 236 to 109. - Dr. Frederic A. Lucas appointed director of Museum of Natural History, New York City. - Fairbanks, Alaska, flooded by breaking of ice dam.

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