july 19

july 19 defined in 1911 year

july 19 - July 19;
july 19 - King George and Queen Mary attend dedication of Chapel of Order of Thistle at St. Giles's Cathedral, Edinburgh. - Mr. John Burns speaks at Conference of National Association for Prevention of Consumption. - Spain apologises to France for affront offered to M. Boisset, French Consular Agent at Alcazar. - United States Government ratifies treaty with Great Britain providing for arbitration of certain pecuniary claims.

july 19 defined in 1912 year

july 19 - July 19;
july 19 - Mr. Asquith speaks in Dublin on the future of the Home Rule Bill. - Hatchet thrown by suffragist at Mr. Asquith's carriage wounds Mr. Redmond. - Mental Deficiency Bill read a second time in British House of Commons. - Attempt by Italian torpedo boats to enter Dardanelles results in narrowing of the channel left open to neutral shipping. - Tewfik Pasha decides to form new Turkish ministry. - Albanians agree to truce pending despatch of Parliamentary Commission to investigate their grievances. - Failure of attempts to form non-party Cabinet in China. - U.S. Govt.'s special agent arrives at Iquitos to proceed to Putumayo district to see that Peruvian Govt. punish those guilty of cruelty to native Indians. - Sergt. G. H. Harvey (S. Africa) wins Silver Medal in King's Prize at Bisley. - England wins 2 events in Rowing competitions of Olympic Games. - Rose arrested for murder of Herman Rosenthal in New York.

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