july 20

july 20 defined in 1911 year

july 20 - July 20;
july 20 - Parliament Bill, as amended, read third time in British House of Lords. - Bedfordshire (Luton) by-election results in return of Mr. C. B. Harmsworth (Liberal), majority 613. - King Nicholas of Montenegro lays before representatives of England, France, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Italy a proposed arrangement between Turks and Albanians. - Prince Henry Motor Competition through Germany and England between German and Royal British Automobile Clubs concludes in London with victory of British.

july 20 defined in 1912 year

july 20 - July 20;
july 20 - Committee of British Medical Association resolve to break off negotiations with the Govt. on the National Insurance Act unless their minimum demands are met. - Emperor of Japan announced to be seriously ill of uraemia. - M. Poincare, French Premier, speaks on home and foreign politics in the Vosges dept., and declares the Government's intention to carry proportional representation. - Ghazi Mukhtar Pasha appointed Turkish Grand Vizier; forms a Cabinet containing Kiamil, Nazim, Hilmi and Ferid Pashas, Zia Bey and Djemal-ed-Din. - M. Klotz, French Finance Minister speaks at St. Gratien on the fall in the French Rente. - King's Prize at Bisley (Gold medal) won by Private A. G. Fulton (Queen's Westminsters). - Prishtina taken by Albanian rebels, who propose a conference. - Dissolution of National Packing Company ("Meat Trust") of U.S. announced (see June 17).

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