july 21

july 21 defined in 1911 year

july 21 - July 21;
july 21 - King George and Queen Mary leave Edinburgh and return to London. - Letter published from Mr. Asquith to Mr. Balfour, stating that the Government will advise the King to exercise his prerogative by creating a sufficient number of peers to secure passing of Parliament Bill as introduced. - Mr. Lloyd George speaks on Morocco Crisis at Mansion House, London. - Lord Selborne speaks at Constitutional Club, London, on Government's attitude towards Constitution. - Explosion on board British destroyer "Kangaroo"; 2 killed, 5 injured. - Somerset (West) by-election results in return of Col. Boles (Unionist, majority 604.

july 21 defined in 1912 year

july 21 - July 21;
july 21 - Pan-American students' congress opens at Lima, Peru. - Prince Katsura arrives in St. Petersburg on a political, mission. - Rebels blow up a train near Mexico City. - Mr. E. H. Watts, a Bucks county gentleman, murdered by gamekeeper W. Farrow, who commits suicide.

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