july 28

july 28 defined in 1911 year

july 28 - July 28;
july 28 - Violent thunderstorm in London accompanied by wind velocity of 54 miles per hr. and 1.1 inch rainfall in 15 minutes. - Sir Wilfrid Laurier lays Imperial naval defence scheme as passed by Imperial Conference before Canadian House of Commons. - At farewell banquet in New Zealand to Irish envoys, Acting Premier makes speech in favour of Home Rule. - Railway accident at Crewe; 30 injured. - Portuguese Republic protests to Spain against permitting monarchical plotters to meet on Spanish territory. - Haitian revolutionists defeated at Les Cayes; fifth American warship sent to Haiti.

july 28 defined in 1912 year

july 28 - July 28;
july 28 - Mass meeting of London port workers resolves to continue strike in defiance of leaders. - Turkish Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry arrives in Prishtina, Albania. - Shuja-ed-Dowleh, Acting Governor of Tabriz, agitates against Persian Govt., who propose to supersede him.

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