july 29

july 29 defined in 1911 year

july 29 - July 29;
july 29 - Sir Wilfrid Laurier advises dissolution of Canadian Parliament. - Bethnal Green by-election results in return of Mr. C. F. Masterman (Liberal), majority 184. - World's Sculling Championship won at Parramatta river, N.S.W., by Richard Arnst, in record time of 19 min. 46 sec. for 3 miles, 330 yds.

july 29 defined in 1912 year

july 29 - July 29;
july 29 - London Transport Workers' Strike Committee decide to adhere to their recommendation that the men should return to work. - Death of Mutsuhito, Emperor of Japan, aged 59. - Mr. Borden and Canadian Ministers received by President of French Republic. - Royal Com mission appointed under presidency of Lord Fisher to consider storage and supply of liquid fuel to British Navy. - Spanish Govt. refuse to expel Portuguese royalists from Spain. - Attempted assassination of Hassam Bey, leader of Albanian insurgents, at Uskub, Albania. - Judgment delivered by Privy Council in the Canadian mixed marri ages (Ne Temere) case. Supreme Court of Canada's decision that the provincial legislatures have jurisdiction in such matters is upheld. - Collapse of landing stage at Binz, in Riigen, Baltic Sea; 16 persons drowned. - Mr. E. H. Tennyson d'Eyncourt appointed Director of Naval Construction to British Admiralty in place of Sir Philip Watts, who is retained as adviser. - Judge Archibald makes formal answer in U.S. Senate to charges against him (see July 11). - Govt. suits discontinued on payment of $250,000 by sugar companies into U.S. treasury for customs frauds in Philadelphia. - First National Conference of American newspaper and magazine writers assembles at Madison, Wise. - Balloon "Uncle Sam," under Capt. H. E. Honeywell, wins international elimination trial, sailing from Kansas City, Mo., to Manassas, Va., 925 miles. - Lieut. Charles Becker of the New York police arrested on charge of having instigated murder of Herman Rosenthal (see July 16).

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