july 31

july 31 defined in 1911 year

july 31 - July 31;
july 31 - Naval agreement with British over-sea Dominions issued in London as Parliamentary paper. - Court of Appeal in London dismisses Mr. H. Bottomley's appeal against judgment condemning him in £50,000 damages (see June 30). - Prince of Wales gazetted a midshipman to H.M.S. "Hindustan." - British Govt. protests to Moorish Govt. against expulsion of two British subjects from Agadir. - Persian Mejliss place price of £33,000 on head of Mohammed Ali, ex-Shah. - Russian Minister to Persia moves to force resignation of Mr. Morgan Shuster, Financial Adviser. - Increases in commutation rates of railroads serving New York City, except those of Pennsylvania Railroad, approved by U. S. Interstate Commerce Commission.

july 31 defined in 1912 year

july 31 - July 31;
july 31 - Serious rioting, with use of revolvers, at London docks; over 20 injured. - Prince of Wales terminates his stay in France. - Mr. Thomas Mackenzie, late Prime Minister of New Zealand, appointed High Commissioner. - British Prime Minister and First Lord of the Admiralty invited to visit Canada. - Turkish Government lay before Chamber their proposed modifications of the Constitution. - Mr. Asquith in House of Commons criticises Mr. Bonar Law's speech at Blenheim (see July 27) on Ulster's right to resist Home Rule. - Epidemic of typhoid fever reported from Ottawa. - Albanian delegates at Prishtina demand dissolution of Turkish Chamber.

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