august 13

august 13 defined in 1911 year

august 13 - August 13;
august 13 - Serious heath fires in Surrey, England.

august 13 defined in 1912 year

august 13 - August 13;
august 13 - Trial of Egyptians charged with conspiracy at Cairo results in sentences of 15 years' hard labour for one and 15 years imprisonment for two. - Protest meeting at Sofia against Turkish regime in Macedonian and Kotchana massacre. - Mr. R. C. Fenwick, British airman, killed on Salisbury Plain. - England wins last Test Match against South African cricket eleven at the Oval, London, by 10 wickets. - Prince Katsura appointed Grand Chamberlain and Keeper of the Great Seal, Japan. - Ixtapa, Mexico, captured by Zapatistas; 200 killed of garrison and inhabitants. - Resignation of Zia Pasha, Turkish Minister of the Interior. - Further fighting on Turco-Montenegrin frontier. - Mulai Yusef proclaimed Sultan of Morocco. - Post-Office appropriation bill is passed by U.S. Senate.

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