august 14

august 14 defined in 1911 year

august 14 - August 14;
august 14 - British House of Commons vote supplementary estimate of £252,000 for payment of members by 241 votes to 128. - South Wales Miners' Federation decide at Cardiff that ten months' strike of Cambrian coal miners shall cease. - Liverpool shipowners declare lock-out of all men engaged on cargo work; labour leaders in reply declare general strike of all transport workers in Liverpool district. - Radium Institute, established and equipped by Lord Iveagh and Sir E. Cassel, opened in London. - General Cincinnatus Leconte elected president of Haiti. - Wool bill prepared by conference committee of U. S. Senate and House passed by U. S. House of Representatives.

august 14 defined in 1912 year

august 14 - August 14;
august 14 - General Botha appointed an honorary general of the British Army. - Khost rebellion in Afghanistan terminated by concessions to the tribes. - National Memorial at Halifax, N. S., to Nova Scotian Assembly, first opened 1758, dedicated by Duke of Connaught. - Fourteen medical members of National Health Insurance Advisory Committee decline to withdraw though requested to do so by British Medical Association; thirty other medical members with draw. - Massacre of Christians at Berane on the Montenegrin frontier; 12 villages burnt. - Steel and Iron tariff- revision bill, passed by U.S. Congress, vetoed by President Taft, but passed by House of Representatives over his veto. - Bill reducing cotton duties about 21%, passed by House August 2, passed in U.S. Senate; Army appropriation bill again passed with provisions objectionable to Pres. Taft eliminated.

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