august 15

august 15 defined in 1911 year

august 15 - August 15;
august 15 - Further rioting in Liverpool; 2 men killed. - Railway Strike threatened in England. - Mr. Asquith and Mr. John Burns confer in Downing Street with representatives of both employers and men. - Pres. Taft vetoes resolution of U. S. Congress admitting Arizona and New Mexico to statehood. - U. S. Senate committee on Foreign Affairs reports unfavourably on arbitration treaties with France and Great Britain. - Conference Wool Bill passed by U. S. Senate, 38 to 28. - Retrial of Mr. Lewis, charged with murdering a native, at Salisbury, Rhodesia, results in his acquittal. - Canadian election campaign opened in Ontario.

august 15 defined in 1912 year

august 15 - August 15;
august 15 - Report of Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee on life-saving at sea published in London. - Celebration of 25th year of reign of King Ferdinand of Bulgaria at Tirnovo. - Mr. Montagu, British subject, committed for trial at Constantinople for having shot Mr. Dayan on August 8. - Arabs defeated by Italians at Zuara (Tripoli); Italians, 6 killed, 98 wounded. - Pres. Taft vetoes Legislative, Executive and Judicial appropriation bill, passed by U.S. Congress (Aug. 7), because of "riders" providing for restriction of civil service and abolition of the commerce court (see Aug. 22). - Bill providing for commission on Industrial Relations passes U.S. Senate.

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