august 16

august 16 defined in 1911 year

august 16 - August 16;
august 16 - Mr. Lloyd George makes a statement in British House of Commons as to treatment of railway strike. - Mr. John Burns confers in London with railwaymen and representatives of railway companies. - The companies arrange for patrolling and defence of their lines by troops. - Food famine threatened in Liverpool. - Bulgarian guerrilla leader, Apostol Petkoff, killed in encounter with Turkish troops.

august 16 defined in 1912 year

august 16 - August 16;
august 16 - Austrian Foreign Minister, Count Berchtold, invites Great Powers to engage in "conversations" upon the situation in the Balkans, with a view to "co-ordinating their several efforts in the interest of Balkan peace." - M. Poin care terminates his official visit to Russia. - U.S. Senate agrees to Panama Canal Bill as modified by Joint Conference of the two Houses. - Notification of poliomyelitis (infantile paralysis) and cerebro-spinal fever made compulsory in England and Wales. - Capt. Lord, master of the "Californian," issues explanatory statement as to failure of that ship to come to the rescue of the "Titanic." - Mr. G. B. Haddon-Smith appointed Governor of the Bahamas. - Fighting in Shawia district of Morocco, French lose 2 killed, 20 wounded. - Jacob Gould Schurman (b. 1854) of York appointed U.S. minister to Greece and Montenegro as successor of George H. Moses, resigned July 12. - Wool and Steel tariff-revision bills fail to pass U.S. Senate over President's veto. - Mr. Roosevelt opens at Providence, R. I., campaign for U.S. presidency.

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