august 17

august 17 defined in 1911 year

august 17 - August 17;
august 17 - British Railway Strike negotiations fail, and proposal by Mr. Asquith to appoint Royal Commission to investigate grievances is refused by railwaymen's leaders. - Strike declared, but negotiations re-opened at night. - Wool bill and Farmers' Free List bill vetoed by Pres. Taft.

august 17 defined in 1912 year

august 17 - August 17;
august 17 - Albanian insurgents march towards Salonika, reaching Kuprili in force. - U.S. House of Representatives adopts report of Joint Conference of the two Houses on Panama Canal Bill; British Charge d'Affaires at Washington makes representations to the President against infraction of Hay- Pauncefote Treaty. - Mr. Justice Woodroffe in High Court of Bengal allows the appeal of Mr. Weston and two police officers of Midnapur against their condemnation in damages by Mr. Justice Fletcher, and dismisses them from the suit, with costs. - Germany approves Count Berchtold's proposal with regard to the Balkan "conversations." - Generals Hwang-hui and Chang Chin-wu arrested and summarily executed for revolutionary conspiracy at Peking. - Montenegrins attack Turkish blockhouse near Berane on the frontier; 4 Turks killed. - Garrison of Managua, Nicaragua, massacred by insurgents. - Emperor of Austria celebrates 82nd birthday. - The British Government present memorandurn to China requiring China to refrain from despatching a military expedition to Tibet.

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