august 20

august 20 defined in 1911 year

august 20 - August 20;
august 20 - British railwaymen's demonstration in Hyde Park decides to accept strike settlement; but it is rejected in Manchester.

august 20 defined in 1912 year

august 20 - August 20;
august 20 - Peking Advisory Assembly demand attendance of Premier and Minister of War. - Forty Chinese pirates raid British island of Cheungchan, near Hong-Kong. - Conference at Salonika between Albanians, under Isa Boletinatz, and Ibrahim Pasha; Ibrahim Pasha announces that Albanian chiefs at Prishtina have accepted Turkish Government's terms, and that the insurgents are returning to their homes.- Indictment of murder in first degree returned by grand jury in New York against Police-Lieut. Becker and "gangsters" for killing Herman Rosenthal. - Lt. Kas-koff, Russian military airman, drowned off Sevastopol. - El Hiba, Moroccan Pretender, enters Marakesh. - Death of General Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, in London, aged 83. - W. Hurlock, Walworth draper, prosecuted for non-compliance with British National Health Insurance Act, and fined £15 and £5.5s. costs, this being first prosecution under the Act. - Conference report on Naval bill providing for one battleship accepted by U.S. House of Representatives. - George R. Sheldon (b. 1857) chosen treasurer of U.S. Republican National Committee.

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