august 21

august 21 defined in 1911 year

august 21 - August 21;
august 21 - Majority of British railwaymen resume work. - Agreement reached at Liverpool between shipowners and dockers. - Socialist meeting in Berlin passes resolution protesting against Germany's policy in Morocco, and against any policy which threatens to bring on a European war. - Pres. Taft signs statehood bill admitting Arizona and New Mexico to the Union under certain conditions. - James T. Du Bois (b. 1851), of Pennsylvania, appointed U. S. minister to Colombia.

august 21 defined in 1912 year

august 21 - August 21;
august 21 - American marines landed at Bluefields, Nicaragua, by request of Nicaraguan Government. - Hilmi Pasha, Turkish Minister of Justice, resigns. - Yuan-Shih-kai declines to attend Peking Advisory Assembly. - Reported that peace has been concluded at Lhasa between China and Tibet. - French Govt. agree to join in Count Berchtold's Balkan "conversations." - Macedonia "liberation" speeches delivered at mass meeting of Bulgarians at Phillipopolis. - Herr von Vollmar speaks in Bavarian Diet on social democratic patriotism. - Further fighting near Berane on Montenegrin frontier; Christian villages burnt. - Resignation of Montenegrin Cabinet announced.

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