september 2

september 2 defined in 1911 year

september 2 - September 2;
september 2 - New Portuguese Cabinet formed under Senhor Chagas, with Dr. Vasconcellos as Foreign Minister. - Further food riots in France. - Cholera outbreak at Constantinople; 36 cases, 16 deaths. - Tramcar accident at New Cross, London; 1 killed, 17 injured. - Capt. Gamine and Lieut. de Grailly, French military airmen, killed flying to manoeuvres. - M. Marron, French airman, killed at Chartres. - Lord Gladstone speaks at Salisbury, Rhodesia, on black peril. - Banquet given by the Tsar at St. Peters burg to King Peter of Servia. - Violent volcanic eruption in the Bogoslof Islands, Alaska, throws up several new islands.

september 2 defined in 1912 year

september 2 - September 2;
september 2 - 45th Trade Union Congress of Great Britain opens at Newport, Mon. - Fighting in Mexico; Zapatistas routed with 60 casualties. - British cavalry manoeuvres begin.

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