september 3

september 3 defined in 1911 year

september 3 - September 3;
september 3 - Great fire at Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, Glasgow. - German Emperor speaks at Potsdam on Ger man-American friendship at unveiling of statue to General von Steuben, given by Americans. - Marriage of Princess Helena of Servia to Duke Ivan Constantinovitch at Peterhof.

september 3 defined in 1912 year

september 3 - September 3;
september 3 - British Trade Union Congress by large majority pass resolution to oppose Government's Trade Union Bill, unless amended to meet their wishes. - German Emperor attends Swiss Army Manoeuvres at Zurich. - Sheikh Shawish arrested at Cairo on charge of participation in conspiracy against Khedive and Lord Kitchener. - Mr. Montagu acquitted of having shot Mr. Dayah at Constantinople on August 8 (see Aug. 15). - "Drake," historical drama by Louis Parker, produced at His Majesty's Theatre, London. - Railway accident at Riola, Italy; 3 killed, 15 injured. - Ohio vote ratifies proposed constitutional amendments, except eight (including that for woman suffrage). - Vermont elections result in no majority vote for governor, and the election is thrown into the legislature (see Oct. 2). - 6th triennial congress of International Association for Testing Materials meets in New York City. - Break in Erie canal at Bushnell's Basin, near Rochester, N. Y., does much damage.

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