september 4

september 4 defined in 1911 year

september 4 - September 4;
september 4 - Trade Union Congress of Great Britain opens at Newcastle-on-Tyne. - Further fire in Glasgow destroys Town Hall and Tolbooth. - President Fallieres reviews French Navy at Toulon. - French Government's Morocco proposals communicated to Herr von Kiderlen-Waechter in Berlin. - M. Garros, French airman, reaches record height of 13,800 ft. at St. Milo.

september 4 defined in 1912 year

september 4 - September 4;
september 4 - British Association meeting opens at Dundee, with Presidential address from Prof. Schafer on Nature and Origin of Life. - New regulations for life-saving at sea issued by British Board of Trade. - Sir Edward Grey writes to Newcastle Chamber of Commerce stating that Panama Canal Act undoubtedly violates Hay-Pauncefote treaty. - Explosion at Clarence coal-mine, Pas de Calais, France; 24 lives lost. - Marseilles shipping strike ends. - Great Britain wins International Trophy for marine motoring at Huntington, N. Y. - Collision on Piccadilly underground electric railway, London; 15 persons injured. - Chinese Minister notifies British Foreign Office, and Yuan-Shih-kai notifies British Minister, that loan of £10,000,000 to China has been arranged with British firm. - Evan E. Young resigns as U.S. minister to Ecuador. - Eighth International Congress of Applied Chemistry meets at Washington, D.C.

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