september 5

september 5 defined in 1911 year

september 5 - September 5;
september 5 - Trade Union Congress pass resolutions condemning use of military in recent strikes, and requiring Government to bring in measure reversing Osborne judgment. - Dr. H. Russell Wakefield appointed Bishop of Birmingham. - M. Leforestier, French airman, killed at Huelva, Spain. - Lord Denman opens Federal parliament at Melbourne. - German Emperor holds naval review at Kiel. - T. W. Burgess, English athlete, swims across English Channel from S. Foreland to Cape Grisnez. - "Macbeth" produced by Sir Herbert Tree at His Majesty's Theatre, London. - Floods in Yangtse Kiang valley, China; many deaths.

september 5 defined in 1912 year

september 5 - September 5;
september 5 - Interview at St. Petersburg between Russian and French Ambassadors with regard to Count Berchtold's Balkan proposals. - News received in Paris that ship conveying French Borodino commemoration monument has sunk in the Baltic with all on board, including the sculptor, M. Paul Besanval. - Colonel Mangin's French force leaves Suk-el-Arba to march on Marakesh. - Fifteen Christians massacred by Turks at Heimeli, near Skutari, Turkey. - Twenty-foot hydroplane "Tech Jr." on Huntington Bay, New York, makes 1 mile at record rate of 58.3 statute miles an hour. - Federal (U.S.) District Court hold Armour & Co, responsible for damages for infected meat product.

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