september 6

september 6 defined in 1911 year

september 6 - September 6;
september 6 - Ex-Shah of Persia's army defeated. - Canada with draws from Fisheries Treaty of 1908 with United States. - Further food riots in France. - Mr. Deakin, speaking in Australian Parliament, denounces suggestion that Australia might remain neutral in time of war. - Canadian Government seizes American fishing schooner at Louisburg, Cape Breton Is., for violating treaty of 1818.

september 6 defined in 1912 year

september 6 - September 6;
september 6 - British Trade Union Congress votes against Syndicalism, by passing resolution re-affirming support of independent working-class political action. - Capt. P. Hamilton and 2nd-Lt. Wyness-Stuart, British military airmen, killed near Hitchin, Herts. - Mr. Borden welcomed at Quebec on his return from England. - German Emperor entertained at Bern by Swiss President. - M. Garros, French airman, reaches record height of 16,405 ft. at Houlgate, near Trouville, France. - Russian Govt. presents note to China continuing Treaty of St. Petersburg for ten years, except with regard to the free exchange of products in the 50 verst zone on each side of the frontier of Hi, which is to expire in 1913. - South African mail contract with Great Britain signed at Cape Town.

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