september 7

september 7 defined in 1911 year

september 7 - September 7;
september 7 - Strike riots at Wexford, Ireland. - Dr. F. E. Ridgway appointed Bishop of Salisbury. - Report of Government commission on high food prices issued in France. - Pres. Taft speaks in Connecticut, deprecating Senate Committee's attitude to arbitration treaties. - British shipping companies engaged in Atlantic trade announce 10 per cent increase in freight rates.

september 7 defined in 1912 year

september 7 - September 7;
september 7 - Interview at Buchlau between Herr von Bethmann- Hoilweg and Count Berchtold concerning Austrian Balkan proposals. - Centenary of Battle of Borodino celebrated at Moscow in presence of Tsar. - British Admiralty issue fresh regulations for the control and discipline of the Navy. - U.S. golf championship won by Mr. Jerome Travers. - Col. Mangin's French force enters Marakesh and rescues 9 French prisoners; El Hiba escapes.

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