september 8

september 8 defined in 1911 year

september 8 - September 8;
september 8 - Rice famine riots reported in China. - Fighting between Peruvians and Bolivians at Manuripe. - Capt. Postnikoff, Russian General Staff, sentenced to 8 years' penal servitude for high treason. - Collapse of annex to El Dorado Theatre at Nice kills 60 workmen. - Lieut.-Col. Sir H. L. Gallwey appointed Governor of Gambia. - Strikes of schoolboys in Liverpool, Hull, Grimsby, Sheffield and other English towns.

september 8 defined in 1912 year

september 8 - September 8;
september 8 - M. Klemm appointed to succeed M. Poklewski- Koziell as Russian Minister in Persia. - Four spectators killed by aeroplane at Gray, Haute Saone, France. - Mass meeting in Athens to protect against condition of Greek population in Turkey. - Fighting between Turks and Bulgarians on Rumelian frontier, near Karatepe.

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