september 9

september 9 defined in 1911 year

september 9 - September 9;
september 9 - First aerial post in United Kingdom inaugurated between Hendon and Windsor. - Lord Mayor of London arrives in Vienna on a Municipal visit. - Cunard liner "Lusitania" completes round trip to New York and back in just over 12 days. - Motor boat accident on Lake Trasimene causes loss of 14 lives. - Raimund Eyring, German airman, killed at Weil. - Mr. Galbraith Cole ordered by Governor of Mombasa to be deported for killing a native and exciting racial enmity. - Run on German savings banks owing to fear of war with France. - Corporation of $100,000,000, affiliated with Southern Pacific rail road, formed to take over trolley lines in California, U.S.A.

september 9 defined in 1912 year

september 9 - September 9;
september 9 - Resignation of M. Trifkovitch and Servian Cabinet. - German Army Manoeuvres begin in Saxony. - Motor racing accident in New York, 6 persons killed, 20 injured. - New comet discovered by Mr. W. F. Gale, Australian astronomer. - Italian force ambushed near Zanzur, Tripoli. - Prof. Vilhjalmar Stefansson returns to Seattle, after four years' exploration in Arctic. - Democrats elect Jos. T. Robinson governor of Arkansas, U.S. - William T. Haines (Rep.) elected governor of Maine, U.S. - International aviation cup won by Jules Vedrines at Chicago, flying 125 m. at rate of 105½ m. an hour.

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