september 10

september 10 defined in 1911 year

september 10 - September 10;
september 10 - German Socialist conference opens at Jena with speech by Herr Bebel on Morocco question.

september 10 defined in 1912 year

september 10 - September 10;
september 10 - International Congress of Association for Labour Legislation opens in Zurich. - Mid-Lothian by-election results in unionist victory for Major Hope, majority 32. - French Army Manoeuvres begin in Tours district of western France. - Lt. Hotchkiss and Lt. C. Bettington, British military airmen, killed near Oxford. - Continuation Com mittee of Presbyterian Convention in Belfast issue mani festo protesting against Home Rule Bill. - The Times, London, issues its 40,000th number with special supplement on History of the Press. - Mr. Borden speaks at Ottawa on Imperial Defence. - Papal Legate arrives in Vienna to attend Eucharistic Congress. - Bomb explosion at Doiran fair, near Salonika, 30 killed, 60 injured. - French Govt. announce that in future practically the whole French navy will be concentrated in the Mediterranean. - Railway accident near Erie, Pennsylvania; 6 killed, 50 injured. - Robert G. Valentine of Massachusetts, U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, resigns to work for election of Roosevelt.

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