september 11

september 11 defined in 1911 year

september 11 - September 11;
september 11 - German army manoeuvres begin. - Attempt to repeal Prohibition laws of 1884 in Maine defeated on popular vote by narrow majority. - Mr. Ure speaks at Glasgow on Taxation of Land Values. - Protest meetings in Paris against high food prices. - Mr. Hubert, British airman, injured in aerial post at Hendon. - Chinese cruiser "Hai Chi" visits New York. - Eruption of Mount Etna causes much damage.

september 11 defined in 1912 year

september 11 - September 11;
september 11 - Mr. Winston Churchill speaks at Dundee on Insurance Act and Home Rule. - M. Fournay, French airman, makes continuous flight of 13 hours, covering 631¼ miles. - Turkish Committee of Union and Progress at Salonika elect Prince Said Halim Secretary General. - Lt. Moizo, Italian military airman, taken prisoner by Arabs in Tripoli. - Fighting between Turks and Malissori at Ischafkisch on Montenegrin frontier; heavy Turkish losses. - "Every- woman," modern morality play, produced at Drury Lane Theatre, London. - Mr. A. Belmont's "Tracery" wins the St. Leger at Doncaster, Yorks. - Southern Pacific Railway asks U.S. Government for protection in Mexico. - -Paul Peck, holder of American duration flight record, fatally hurt at Chicago.

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