september 12

september 12 defined in 1911 year

september 12 - September 12;
september 12 - Germany's counter proposals on Morocco question considered by French Cabinet. French army manoeuvres begin at Belfort. - Rev. S. Swann rows across English Channel from Dover to Sangatte, in 3 hours 50 min. - Lieut. Chotard, French military airman, killed near Versailles. - Mr. R. Fowler, American airman, starts flight across America. - Eleven men of 17th Uhlan regiment drowned whilst swimming horses across the Elbe near Pirna. - Serious unrest reported from Szechuan, China. - Port Arthur opened by Japan to merchant shipping. - Fourth conference of governors of states of U. S. begins at Spring Lake, N. J.

september 12 defined in 1912 year

september 12 - September 12;
september 12 - Mr. Churchill speaks at Dundee on a federal system for the United Kingdom. - New Servian Cabinet formed under M. Pashitch. - Mr. Buxton W. Gibson, American lawyer, arrested in New York for the murder of a client, Mrs. Rosa Szabo. - Dr. Niceta Budka appointed first Ruthenian Bishop in Canada. - Russian Duma dissolved. - British battle cruiser "Princess Royal" completes con tract trials and achieves record speed. - Fred W. Carpenter (b. 1873) of California appointed U.S. minister to Siam as successor to Hamilton King, d. Sept. 2, 1912.

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