september 14

september 14 defined in 1911 year

september 14 - September 14;
september 14 - M. Stolypin, Russian Premier, mortally wounded by Bogroff, an Anarchist, at gala performance, Kieff. - Nomination of candidates for Canadian parliament. - Food riots at Charleville, France; troops called out.

september 14 defined in 1912 year

september 14 - September 14;
september 14 - Interment of Mutsuhito, Emperor of Japan, near Kyoto. - Rioting at Belfast during a football match; over 100 persons injured. - Lord Denman, Governor General of Australia, turns first sod of Trans-Australian railway. - Launch of British battleship "Audacious" at Birkenhead. - Mr. Howard Gill, American airman, killed at Chicago. - Murder of a ticket-collector at Aubrais station, near Orleans, by motor-bandits. - German torpedo boat, G 171, sunk by battleship "Zahringen"; 6 men drowned. - Reported that Chinese forces in Tibet under General Tseng-Tine-ling have captured Litang and Hsiangcheng. - Inspector Cornelius G. Hayes dismissed from New York force for making "false official statement" that he had been ordered not to raid Tenderloin resorts; two "gunmen " implicated in murder of Herman Rosenthal (July 16) arrested.

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