september 15

september 15 defined in 1911 year

september 15 - September 15;
september 15 - Mr. John Redmond speaks at Dublin on Home Rule during Irish tour of Eighty Club. - Pres. Taft begins campaigning tour of 15,000 miles. - Lord Rosebery speaks at University College, Dundee, on universities of the future. - M. Nieuport, French airman, fatally injured at Charny, France.

september 15 defined in 1912 year

september 15 - September 15;
september 15 - Railway accident at Blainville, near Nancy, France; 20 persons injured. - Fighting between Moorish tribesmen and French column at Sidi Kacem, Morocco; French loss 9 killed, 30 wounded. - By capsizing of sailing launch on Lake Michigan ten recruits and a gunner's mate of U.S. naval training school, Chicago, are drowned.

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