september 16

september 16 defined in 1911 year

september 16 - September 16;
september 16 - Strike of goods porters declared on Irish railways. - Jubilee of British Post Office savings banks. - Herr Harden speaks at Berlin on German policy in Morocco. - Pres. Taft speaks at Erie, Pa., on Arbitration Treaties. - Motor accident during race at Syracuse, N. Y.; 9 persons killed and 14 injured.

september 16 defined in 1912 year

september 16 - September 16;
september 16 - British Army Manoeuvres begin. - Sir Edward Carson arrives in Belfast and is welcomed by the Orange men of Ulster. - Terms on which Turkey is reported to be prepared to make peace with Italy are announced by a correspondent of the Temps. - Liung Men-ting becomes Chinese Foreign Minister. - Chinese Finance Minister announces difficulties with regard to London loan owing to opposition of foreign governments. - Garden Hall, Cheshire, a 16th century half-timbered house, destroyed by fire. - Chinese Council holds secret session to consider British and Russian protest against Chinese military expeditions to Tibet and Mongolia; Tibetan expeditions recalled. - Gun explosion on British battleship "King Edward VII"; 1 killed, 3 injured. - Renewed fighting between Turks and Malissori, lasting three days, near Tuzi on Montenegrin frontier. - New York Press purchased by Frank A. Munsey, and begins to support Progressive ticket.

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