september 26

september 26 defined in 1911 year

september 26 - September 26;
september 26 - Kilmarnock Burghs by-election results in return of Mr. W. G. C. Gladstone (Liberal), majority 2,286.

september 26 defined in 1912 year

september 26 - September 26;
september 26 - Prospectus of Chinese Government 5% Gold Loan issued by Birch Crisp & Co. in London. - Demonstrations against Home Rule at Ballyroney (Lord C. Beresford speaks) and at Newtonards (Lord Londonderry speaks); pledge for Irish peers and first signatures published. - Exhibition of night flying in illuminated aeroplanes at Hendon, Middlesex. - M. Charles Voisin, French airman, killed in motor accident at Belleville-sur-Saone. - Capt. C. L. Bumbaugh, American airman, killed at North Manchester, Ind. - Fighting on Montenegrin frontier; 3 Turks killed, 7 mortally wounded; Montenegrins 15 killed and wounded. - Turkish Govt., persuaded by French Ambassador, abandon proposed grand manoeuvres; decide to hold divisional manoeuvres in eleven different divisions.

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