september 25

september 25 defined in 1911 year

september 25 - September 25;
september 25 - Unionist conference at Belfast pledges itself to establish provisional Government in Ulster if Irish Home Rule becomes law. - Explosion on French battleship "Liberte" at Toulon; 226 killed, 136 injured. - French draft of Morocco Agreement handed to Herr von Kiderlen- Waechter in Berlin. - Bank of Egypt, London, suspends payment. - British naval airship wrecked at Barrow on first launching. - Execution of Bogroff, murderer of M. Stolypin. - Sir A. H. Hardinge appointed British Minister in Lisbon, and Sir F. H. Villiers British Minister in Brussels. - General Botha at Losberg denounces suggestion that South Africa might remain neutral in case of Great Britain being engaged in war. - Strike of clerks, demanding recognition of Federation of Railway Employes, called on Illinois Central Railroad.

september 25 defined in 1912 year

september 25 - September 25;
september 25 - British Minister in Peking protests to Yuan Shih-kai against the Crisp loan to China. - Demonstration against Home Rule at Portadown; Sir E. Carson and Mr. F. E. Smith speak. - Lt. Ragazzoni, Italian military airman, killed at Rome. - Explosion on board British cruiser "Southampton"; 1 killed, 1 injured. - Fighting in Samos; Turkish troops kill women and children; British and French cruisers land marines to protect foreign subjects at Vathy. - Senor Mena and 700 revolutionaries in Nicaragua surrender to Rear-Admiral Southerland. U.S. Navy.

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