july 26

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july 26 - July 26
july 26 - Dinner to Lord Halsbury given in London by "Die Hard" opponents of Parliament Bill, Lord Selborne presiding. - First Universal Races Congress opens in Lon don. - British Medical Association meet at Birmingham and consider attitude of profession toward sb National Insurance Bill. - Aeroplane race over 1,010 circuit of Great Britain won by "Beaumont" (Lt. Conneau), Vedrines second. - Queen of Holland and Prince Consort visit King and Queen of the Belgians at Brussels. - Maharaja of Gwalior gives £8,000 for charitable institutions to commemorate the Coronation. - Pres. Taft signs the Canadian Reciprocity bill passed by U. S. Congress. - Pres. Taft sends to the U. S. Congress message on Controller Bay (Alaska) controversy and opens to private entry 12,800 acres near Bering coal field of Alaska.

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