october 2

october 2 defined in 1911 year

october 2 - October 2;
october 2 - British vessel conveys 1,300 refugees from Tripoli to Malta. - Triple murder at Kidsgrove, Staffs., by Karl Kramer, a German, afterwards proved insane.

october 2 defined in 1912 year

october 2 - October 2;
october 2 - Mr. Lloyd George confers with medical members of Insurance Advisory Committee on scale of medical remuneration under Insurance Act. - Demonstration at Cettigne in favour of war with Turkey. - Bulgarian troops seize Turkish blockhouses in Djuma-i-Bala district. - Mark Wilks, imprisoned for refusal to pay his wife's income tax, released from Brixton prison, London. - M. Sazonoff leaves London for Paris. - Vermont (U.S.A.) legislature elects Allen M. Fletcher, Rep., as Governor (see Sept. 3).

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