october 1

october 1 defined in 1911 year

october 1 - October 1;
october 1 - Parnell monument by Saint-Gaudens unveiled n Dublin by Mr. John Redmond. - Collision in North Sea between steamers "Glasgow" and "Hatfield"; 18 lives lost. - German Emperor informs Sultan of Turkey that he is placing intervention proposals before the Powers. - General Madero elected President of Mexico.

october 1 defined in 1912 year

october 1 - October 1;
october 1 - Imperial enclave formed to include Delhi, India; to be known as Chief Commissionership of Delhi; Mr. W. M. Hailey appointed Chief Commissioner. - Turkish imperial irade issued ordering general mobilisation of Turkish army; Servian demand for release of ammunition, seized by Turks, rejected. - Decree for general mobilisation of Montenegrin army signed at Cettigne. - Decree for general mobilisation of Greek army and navy signed at Athens. - Anglican Church Congress opens at Middlesborough, Yorks. - Strike of Cotton-workers at Oldham, Lanes. - Demonstration against Home Rule in Glasgow; Sir E. Carson speaks. - Explosion on board U.S. destroyer "Walke"; one officer killed, several seamen injured. - Spanish Central Union of Railwaymen decide on general strike to begin Oct. 8. - "The Turning Point," English version of H. Kistemaeckers' "La Flambee," produced at St. James's Theatre, London. - Trial of labour union officials, indicted Feb. 14, for conspiracy to transport dynamite, begun at Indian apolis, U.S.A. (see Dec. 28).

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