october 14

october 14 defined in 1911 year

october 14 - October 14;
october 14 - Yuan-Shih-kai recalled from banishment and appointed Viceroy of Hunan and Hupeh, China. - Fighting in Morocco between Spanish forces at Melilla and Riff tribes. - Duke and Duchess of Connaught welcomed at Ottawa.

october 14 defined in 1912 year

october 14 - October 14;
october 14 - Cretan Deputies admitted to Greek Chamber. - Turkish force enters Servia; engagement near Ristovatz. - Tuzi surrenders to Montenegrins under Crown Prince Danilo. - Small Turkish force enters Bulgaria, south of Philippopolis. - Turkish Government, in reply to Note of the Powers, deny that Treaty of Berlin is applicable to present situation and repudiate foreign intervention. - Mr. Roosevelt shot at and wounded at Milwaukee, Wisc., by fanatic named John Schrank. - Lord Chancellor admits in House of Lords in reply to Lord Russell that liability of husband to imprisonment for non-payal of wife's income tax, as instanced in case of Mark Wilks, is indefensible, and promises amendment of law. - Centenary of death of Sir Isaac Brock, Canadian hero, celebrated in St. Paul's Cathedral, London. - Robbery at jeweller's shop in Edgware Road, London, by armed thieves who escape in a taxi-cab. - U.S. Interstate Commerce Commission decides that freight rates from Boston on imported goods must not be lower than from New York City. - Pres. Taft reviews 123 U.S. warships in the Hudson river.

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