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august 12 - August 12
august 12 - Foreign Relations Committee of U. S. Senate amend arbitration treaties. - Mr. H. P. James, British Assistant Commissioner, murdered by natives on Brass boundary, Nigeria. - Appointments announced of John G. A. Leishman (b. 1857), of Pennsylvania, U. S. ambassador to Germany as successor of David Jayne Hill (resigned April 14); Thomas J. O'Brien (b. 1842), of Michigan, U. S. ambassador to Italy; Charles Page Bryan (b. 1856), of Illinois, U. S. ambassador to Japan; Larz Anderson (b. 1866), of D. C., U. S. minister to Belgium; Arthur M. Beaupre (b. 1853), of Illinois, U. S. minister to Cuba; Lloyd Bryce (b. 1851), of New York, U. S. minister to Netherlands and Luxemburg; and John B. Jackson (b. 1862), of New Jersey, U. S. minister to Rumania, Serbia and Bulgaria.

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