october 19

october 19 defined in 1911 year

october 19 - October 19;
october 19 - Persian Government appeals to British Government not to despatch Indian troops to reinforce Teheran Consular Guards. - Turkish Chamber passes vote of confidence in Said Pasha's Government. - Portuguese Chamber passes Bill giving ministry extraordinary powers in dealing with Royalist conspirators. - Mr. Birrell, at Ilfracombe, outlines British Government's proposed Home Rule Bill. - Mr. Lloyd George comes to an understanding with the Friendly Societies on amendment of Insurance Bill. - Italians bombard Bengazi, Derna and Horns in Tripoli. - U. S. Inter state Commerce Commission orders all express companies to furnish details of their operation by December 1. - Chairman Nelson A. Aldrich presents to U. S. National Monetary Commission a revision of his plan for banking and currency reform.

october 19 defined in 1912 year

october 19 - October 19;
october 19 - Montenegrins capture Gusinji. - Turkish warships bombard Varna and Baltchik, Bulgaria, but retire. - Greeks invade Macedonia and occupy Elassona. - Three German subjects, Bauchelin, Thibaut and Berger, sentenced at Leipzig to 8 and 6 years' penal servitude for espionage at Metz. - Helen Craggs, English suffragist, sentenced at Oxford to nine months' hard labour for attempt to set fire to Nuneham House (see July 13). - Lt. Beissbarth and Lt. Lang, German airmen, killed near Giengen, Germany. - M. Schaumasse, Nice Observatory, discerns comet afterwards recognised as Tuttle's comet.

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