october 20

october 20 defined in 1911 year

october 20 - October 20;
october 20 - Report of British Railway Commission on recent strike issued in London. - Tramway accident at Moseley, near Manchester; 5 killed. - National American Woman Suffrage Association convenes at Louisville, Ky. - Twelve miners drowned in the iron mines at Hibernia, N. J., by inrush of water, due to accident in blasting.

october 20 defined in 1912 year

october 20 - October 20;
october 20 - Recognition of Italian sovereignty in Tripoli and Cyrenaica by British Govt. officially announced in Rome. - Servian army occupies Poduyevo near Prepolatz. - Amedee Lacour, French airman, killed near Mussidan, France. - U.S. Govt. urges upon Mexico necessity of keeping open port of Tampicp and of maintaining communication between it and Mexico City.

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