october 21

october 21 defined in 1911 year

october 21 - October 21;
october 21 - Chinese revolutionaries capture towns on Yangtse. - Portuguese cruiser "Sap Rafael" wrecked near Vella de Conde; 1 man lost, 12 injured. - Austrian archduke Charles, second in succession to the throne, marries Princess Zita of Parma.

october 21 defined in 1912 year

october 21 - October 21;
october 21 - Greeks take Diskata, Thessaly, and land on Island of Lemnos. - Bulgarians capture Fort Chermen on road to Adrianople. - Servians occupy Sultan Tepe in Osogoviya Mts. - Turks attempt landing at Euxinograd, north of Varna, and bombard unfortified town of Kavarna. - French Government recognise officially Italian sovereignty in Tripoli. - Trafalgar Day celebrations in London and elsewhere. - Mrs. Pankhurst, English Suffragist leader, speaks at London Pavilion in favour of militancy. - International Conference on White Slave Traffic opens at Brussels. - Lt. Gericke, German airman, with a passenger, Stieler, killed near Spansberg. - German navy airship Li injured at Johannisthal.

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