october 23

october 23 defined in 1911 year

october 23 - October 23;
october 23 - German Imperial Chancellor, speaking in Reichstag, defends German protective system in spite of high prices. - Mr. Winston Churchill becomes First Lord of the Admiralty, and Mr. M'Kenna Home Secretary, in British government. - Meeting at Mansion House, London, to consider purchase of Crystal Palace.

october 23 defined in 1912 year

october 23 - October 23;
october 23 - Greek army occupies Selfidje: Servian army occupies Novi Bazar. - Meat riots in Berlin owing to butchers' refusal to sell Russian meat. - Danish Premier introduces Constitutional Reform Bill, including Woman Suffrage. - Vera Cruz, Mexico, captured by Federal troops; Gen. F. Diaz taken prisoner. - Mr. Lloyd George announces in British House of Commons Government's decision to increase fees payable to doctors under Insurance Act to 9s. per head, including drugs, at increased cost of £1,650,000. - National tribute offered to Mme. Sarah Bernhardt on her 69th birthday at Savoy Hotel, London.

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