october 24

october 24 defined in 1911 year

october 24 - October 24;
october 24 - British House of Commons re-assembles. - Chinese revolutionaries capture Sianfu and Kiukiang. - Lord Grey speaks in London on Canada's loyalty to the Empire.

october 24 defined in 1912 year

october 24 - October 24;
october 24 - Bulgarian army takes Kirk Kilisse, with over 30 guns, 2 aeroplanes and 1,200 prisoners. - Servian army takes Kumanovo and advances on Uskub. - The Six Powers protest against Chinese Govt.'s assignment of Tientsin salt gabelle as security for London (Crisp) loan. - French Govt. refuse to allow Belgian loan to be floated in Paris. - British Govt. announce Royal Commission to enquire into congestion of legal business. - British battle ship "Marlborough" launched at Devonport by Mrs. W. Churchill. - First Congress of Men's International Alliance for Women's Suffrage opens in London. - Rear-Admiral Tchagin, Commander of Russian Imperial Yacht, commits suicide. - Sir Gerald Strickland appointed to succeed Lord Chelmsford as Governor of N. S. Wales. - Mr. H. Hawker, British airman, achieves record at Brooklands by remaining 8 hours 23 min. in the air. - Death of Viscount Peel, ex-Speaker of British House of Commons. - Outbreak of plague reported from Mauritius; 19 deaths. - Dr. Ezra Squier Tipple (b. 1861) inaugurated president of Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, N. J. - Police Lieutenant Charles Becker found guilty in New York of murder in first degree for killing of Herman Rosenthal (see July 16, Aug. 20, Nov. 20).

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