october 26

october 26 defined in 1911 year

october 26 - October 26;
october 26 - Chinese Emperor, under threats from Senate, dismisses Sheng Hsuan-Huai, Minister of Communications. - Chinese Republic proclaimed under Li-Huan-Hung. - Turco-Arab attack on Italian forces in Tripoli repulsed. - Italian Govt. notifies Powers officially of cessation of Ottoman rule in North Africa. - First meeting of new Industrial Council, London. - Proceedings begun in United States Circuit Court at Trenton, N. J., for dissolution of Steel Trust. - Philadelphia Athletics (American League) for second successive year retains the world's baseball championship, having defeated New York Giants (National League) in four out of six games.

october 26 defined in 1912 year

october 26 - October 26;
october 26 - Servians occupy Uskub, which the Turks have abandoned, and capture 123 guns. - M. Poincare speaks at Nantes on possibility of European intervention in Balkan war. - M. Mairoesco, Rumanian Premier, reconstitutes his Cabinet. - Saad-ed-Dowleh becomes candidate for Premiership of Persia. - M. Charpentier elected member of French Academy. - International Convention for regulation of exhibitions signed in Berlin. - General Diaz and two Mexican officers sentenced to death by court martial.

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