august 19

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august 19 - August 19
august 19 - Late at night British railway strike declared at an end. - The Govt. agree to appoint special commission to investigate questions in dispute. - Strike riots at Llanelly; 5 killed, 12 wounded. - Russo-German Agreement concerning Persian railways signed. - Young French airman shoots secretary of Hendon Aerodrome, Middlesex, and then shoots himself. - British army manoeuvres abandoned owing to drought. - Anti-Jewish rioting at Tredegar, Monmouth. - Emilio Estrada elected Pres. of Ecuador. - Campaign Publicity bill signed by Pres. Taft (see April 14 and July 17). - Amended measure granting statehood to Arizona and New Mexico passed by U. S. House of Rep. - U. S. House of Rep. fails to override President's veto of Farmers' Free List Bill.

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