october 28

october 28 defined in 1911 year

october 28 - October 28;
october 28 - Accident to American boat express at Colwic, Staffs.; 3 persons injured. - Chinese Imperial troops successful in skirmish near Hankau.

october 28 defined in 1912 year

october 28 - October 28;
october 28 - Servians occupy Kuprulu. - Bulgarians occupy Drama and cut Turkish line of communication with Constantinople at Baba Eski. - Servian and Montenegrin troops combine at Sienitza. - Tsar of Russia sends message of congratulation to King Peter on success of Servian army. - Eleven Powers signatory to Peace Protocol of 1901 pro test to Chinese Govt. against application of salt gabelle to London (Crisp) loan, - Mr. Louis Coderre becomes Canadian Secretary of State. - Strike of coopers at Oporto. - Franco-Italian- declaration of mutual friendship in Africa signed in Paris. - Irish steamship "Tenet" sinks in Bristol Channel, 6 lives lost.

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