october 29

october 29 defined in 1911 year

october 29 - October 29;
october 29 - Monument to Bossuet unveiled at Meaux, France. - Two new Roman Catholic provinces of Liverpool and Birmingham formed in England; Archbishop Bourne of Westminster created Cardinal. - Persian Government troops defeated by Turcoman rebels near Bender-Gez.

october 29 defined in 1912 year

october 29 - October 29;
october 29 - Greeks occupy Veria. - Battle between main Turk ish force under Nazim Pasha and Bulgarians begins near Lule Burgas in Thrace. - Servians establish civil govern ment in conquered cities of Macedonia. - Ghazi Mukhtar Pasha, Grand Vizier of Turkey, resigns and is succeeded by Kiamil Pasha. - In British House of Commons Mr. Goldsmith's amendment to Home Rule Bill, obliging Lord Lieutenant to refer every Bill passed by Irish Parliament to Imperial Executive, defeated by 114 votes. - Canon Hensley Henson appointed Dean of Durham. - Railway accident at Streetville, Ont.; 2 killed, 28 injured.

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