october 31

october 31 defined in 1911 year

october 31 - October 31;
october 31 - Hankau re-captured by Chinese revolutionaries. - Strike of 6,000 London taxi-cab drivers. - Building accident at Le Meriot, France, causes 30 deaths. - Australian Commonwealth cabinet resigns.

october 31 defined in 1912 year

october 31 - October 31;
october 31 - Main Turkish army under Nazim Pasha routed by Bulgarians, who capture Tchorlu, and force Turks to retreat towards Chatalja lines. Servians occupy Prisrend. Greeks occupy Greyena, and Islands of Imbros and Thasos. Montenegrins take Ipek. - French Government propose that Powers should jointly proclaim "disinterestedness" and offer to mediate between Turkey and Balkan allies. - Moslem riot in Bulak district of Cairo. - General Lyautey and M. Emile Boutroux elected members of French Academy. - In British House of Commons Government amendment of Clause 8 of House Rule Bill, providing for first Senate to be nominated by the Crown, and subsequent Senate by proportional representation, carried by 298 votes to 209. - Death of Isa Boletinatz, Albanian guerrilla leader. - Motor car accident at Alicante, 9 persons drowned. - Lt. Poultrain. French airman, dies of injuries received Oct. 18. - "L'Idee de Francoise," by M. Paul Gavault, produced at Renaissance Theatre, Paris.

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