november 1

november 1 defined in 1911 year

november 1 - November 1;
november 1 - Fighting between Turkish troops and Italian warships at Ain Zara, Tripoli. - Italian Prime Minister telegraphs to London denial of report of indiscriminate slaughter by Italians in Tripoli. - Yuan Shih-kai appointed Prime Minister of China, but later refuses to accept appointment. - Amalgamation of London General Omnibus Co. with Metropolitan District Railway Co. & Underground Electric Railways Co. of London. - Mr. Whitelaw Reid, American ambassador to Great Britain, delivers address at Edinburgh on "The Scot in America."

november 1 defined in 1912 year

november 1 - November 1;
november 1 - Bulgarians occupy Demotika. - Govt. amendments to White Slave Traffic Bill, authorising arrest on suspicion without warrant and making flogging possible penalty for second offence, passed by British House of Commons. - Lord Curzon speaks at Glasgow against woman suffrage. - Borough Council elections in London result in large majority for Municipal Reformers. - The Pope sends a letter to Portuguese clergy condemning Law of Separation and censuring clergy who have accepted stipends under it. - Gordon Bennett race, Stuttgart to Moscow, won by two Frenchmen, M. Bienaime first and M. Leblanc second. - Lieut. Dahm, German officer, sentenced at Warsaw to 5 years' hard labour for espionage. - In Omaha, Neb., Federal grand jury indicts 5 railroads for rebating. - Gen. Mario G. Menocal, Conservative, is elected president of Cuba.

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