november 2

november 2 defined in 1911 year

november 2 - November 2;
november 2 - Mr. J. Redmond speaks on Home Rule at City Liberal Club, London. - France and Germany initiate treaty con cerning exchange of territory in Africa. - French Govt. formulates proposals to start municipal bakers' and butch ers' shops. - Turkish Embassy in London replies to Italian Prime Minister's protest. - U. S. navy reviewed by Pres. Taft in Hudson River.

november 2 defined in 1912 year

november 2 - November 2;
november 2 - King Peter of Servia enters Uskub in triumph. - Montenegrin powder magazine explodes at Antivari; 5 soldiers killed. - Ex-Sultan Abdul Hamid taken to Constantinople from Salonika. - Turkish troops rally at Tcherkesskeui. - British battleships and destroyers ordered to Turkish waters. - Explosion on U.S. battleship "Vermont" near Norfolk, Va.; two men killed, four seriously injured. - Adolfo Diaz, Conservative, is elected president of Nicaragua, without opposition.

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